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Alice Waters In Conversation with Eric Schlosser

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Peacock Avatar
Posted: 05.07.11, 06:54 AM
I cannot view this talk, as it freezes on the advertisement screen and will not move to the discussion.
nikonwilly Avatar
Posted: 03.29.10, 04:09 PM
It's a shame so few people have the desire for this information. So many I try an introduce to these talks simply shrug it off as ,"not for me" or "Can't afford it" Is this plain ignorance or real stupidity? Others do not believe our FDA would ever allow the mega food corporations to poison us even with the truth and proof right in front of them. Sad
heybd Avatar
Posted: 03.30.09, 03:41 PM
Right on Alice Waters! I would have loved to have that kind of curriculum in school, working in a garden and growing food. It's sad that between the generation of my grandparents and my own, we have lost the connection with growing our food. Too bad by the time I was born there were no orchards left in the Valley of Heart's Delight.

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