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His Holiness the Dalai Lama at The Aspen Institute

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vermillionhri Avatar
Posted: 02.20.12, 12:54 PM
HH Dalai Lama is what is known as a holy being, but is very humble at the same time as being a world leader. While there is a oneness of humanity, as another kind holy being at our university here spoke just a few days ago, "While sinner and saint, are same, {...} you would much rather have a saint as a neighbor than sinner as your neighbor, if you think about it."
vermillionhri Avatar
Posted: 02.20.12, 12:34 PM
His Holiness is a little beyond a "mister", doesn't take too much to see this, I think, but perhaps, more likely, if it is bothersome to give someone an honorific title as is customary, that is a teaching too.
ChelsieSparks Avatar
Posted: 12.05.09, 03:54 PM
Thought-provoking is somewhat an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and as a 17 year old Sociology student, it has certainly spoke wonders for me on the topics of Marxism, Capitalism and Socialism. The Dalai Lama truly is simply inspirational.
lhagme Avatar
Posted: 07.16.09, 06:53 PM
Well, mister Alonso, let's spread the 'infection' then! The planet changes one heart at the time, I think..
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 04.15.09, 05:42 PM
Mr. Lama, allow me to honor you with such a humbling title as Mr, for that is essentially your message, we are all the same and if you truly believe that then you should stop allowing others to address you otherwise and do away with this foolish holiness stuff. Having said that and with your permission as you clearly indicated "we are the same", let me say that I enjoyed listening to your good old common sens ideas. If those ideas could only spread out like a virus, (another living thing that like mosquitoes has no sens of appreciation) and get out there and contaminate the world, then we would truly live on a wonderful planet. Yours respectfully, Mr. Alonso
Yuki Togawa Avatar
Yuki Togawa
Posted: 04.08.09, 12:59 AM
What is it that I can do to have this viewed by more people? I enjoyed every part of it. I will likely view it a few times over before I can really understand and apply what he shares in here. Being exiled as painful an experience it may be, I think has played positive in that he has traveled and met, touched many people that never would have come to Tibet. What ever the powers that are causing HH to stay out of Tibet is helping him become a Jewel of People. I am a
ladylisa555 Avatar
Posted: 03.31.09, 01:55 PM
Thank you to FORA.TV for making this magnificent message from His Holiness available to all of us. I was transfixed the entire time, laughing from my belly and humbled at the deep enlightenment which came from His Holiness's explanation of compassion. We are blessed
sanjivmann Avatar
Posted: 11.23.08, 02:30 PM
Thought provoking words from the Dalai Lama.