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Professor Jeffrey Sachs on Sustainable Solutions

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OlivierP Avatar
Posted: 05.14.11, 12:20 AM
I do agree it's a nice speech, however, I fund a little bit untrue or at least wrongly expressed, the part on over population and more particularly on women. Proffessor Sachs says that women should not have children, 2 daugthers and 2 boys, and after precise that having 2 girls generates more risk of reproduction. I, honestly, think this is wrongfully and unfairly addressed. First, a woman can have sex with many men and will only reproduce about one or two, if twin, children over, lets say, a year. However, a men can have sex with many women and make many of them pregnant! And that in much less time than a year! Here, the multiplier effect is much greater. Second, when speaking about putting girls in school, I think, it's really important to give chance to women to be independent, but I do not like how it is mentionned because boys need, as well, to be educated on this issues. I did a report, in my study, on Papua New Guinea, and did realise that the rate of sexual abuse and violence is very high (rape/gang-rape). I don't know about other poor countries, but I am affraid that this can be found as well. Rape of women is first an act of torture, but also can lead to unwanted pregnancy. Perhaps this is not the main reasons why women in poor countries have this amount of children but definitely strenghens my opinion. As a matter of fact, men are more attracted by sex than women, I think this is hardly argueable. Therefore, boys too need to be educated on contraception, reproduction and respect of women. Morality and respect are not acquired but learned. To conclude, I want to clarify that women are not the only responsible ones for over population, and both women and men need to learn to live with each other. This clarified, Professor Sachs made a wonderful and informative speech that I recommend to any one.
Mickey Bo D Avatar
Mickey Bo D
Posted: 02.04.10, 06:05 PM
Fantastically informative, even for those who may disagree.