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Vernon Burton: The Age of Lincoln

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Posted: 11.28.08, 04:07 PM
Obvious subversive tactics of the right wing to paint their picture of history. It is not accept by all the North Americans. after all the past 60 years of our history has been portray by many who do not have the spirit of US!.
Globalstomp Avatar
Posted: 11.25.08, 01:34 PM
Lincoln Obama comparison?
Why the comparison of Lincoln and Obama in the title? He's not mentioned in the video? It's not only premature but absolutely wrong to compare Obama to Lincoln since Lincoln was a citizen and Barry Soetoro isn't. The change Mr. Soetoro is referring to isn't going to be the kind of change we will expect. If you look into his background you not only see no experience but a connection to the dictatorship of Kenya which he helped rally for and install. He won't salute the flag and wants to change the national anthem to appease the Muslim community. This is outrageous, and when the multiple lawsuits (17 total now) are finished Obama will be deported as an illegal alien. I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't charged with election fraud and jailed as well. This election was a sham as the globalist obviously groomed Obama for the position. Obama's own website ( until recently called for a million person youth brigade of tattle tales to be looking at people's carbon footprints and spying on people to tax them accordingly. This is what Hitler did when he started the youth brigades during WW2. We don't need a Stazi in this country enforcing the global warming scam and taxing us for our breathing and cow flatulence. This election like most all them of the past was a sham. Global warming now called climate change because they realized that things are now cooling is a taxing scam as well. I hope Barry is out of the loop before inauguration day. This is going to be a constitutional crisis otherwise if not already one! So please, no more comparisons to one of our greatest president's and the illegal alien with three citizenships called Obama.

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