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Dan Burden: Building Livable, Walkable Communities

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Commonwealth Club of California

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David VanAmburg Avatar
David VanAmburg
Posted: 04.28.09, 10:33 AM
This is a wonderful, 5-star presentation, and the viewer by design can see Mr. Burden and his slides. But its value is 70% lost because the camera operator apparently felt he/she had to be creative by zooming in on Mr. Burden, thereby losing so much of the value. I am so frustrated by not being able to see what he was referring to. Please either send the operator back for training or replace them. Thank you.
Thai Avatar
Posted: 03.18.09, 03:53 PM
I agree with the sentiments of the two previous commenters. Whoever operated the camera gave no consideration to the viewers who were not at the presentation. It is much more important to view the slides in reference to what is being said than what the presenter looks like when he says it.
michaelcote Avatar
Posted: 12.26.08, 06:08 PM
No slides = Had to stop watching. Gave a thumbs down.
Message Avatar
Posted: 08.06.08, 01:06 PM
The camera operator really needs to stop zooming in on the speaker. The slides are an essential part of the presentation and half of them were completely missed.