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Cor van den Heuvel: Baseball Haiku

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al fogel Avatar
al fogel
Posted: 01.26.11, 08:19 PM
Hello: I immensely enjoyed your baseball haiku telecast. My name is al fogel--a 65 year old retired gentleman residing in Miami Beach, Florida. I began writing senryu 3 months ago and created a baseball haiku / senryu sequence comprised of 13 haiku/ senryu titled "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" that I would like to share with your audience Take Me Out To The Ball Game (a haiku / senryu baseball sequence) pre-game: Bobblehead Day pigeons in the bleachers pecking seeds Yankee Tribute Day 8 Yogi Berra's in the front row Old Timer's Game Whitey Ford's fastball clocked at 28 mph autograph signing the line of outstretched notepads above the dugout the game: knuckleball the infielders watch a flying bat fastball a thud in the mitt before he swings strike three! different fingers fly from ump and batter 7th inning stretch the heightened aroma of hot dogs and beer 14th inning a stray pigeon wobbles into the empty bullpen 15th inning the shortstop becomes the pitcher walk-off home run homer pigeons nodding in the stands post-game: game over the slap of high fives from the infield next day watching my team win again... instant replay --al fogel Thanks for viewing, al **first verse Bobblehead Day.." selected as runner-up in the HCC Calendar Competition 2011 (1,100 entries)