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Sport: As Important for Our Daughters as Our Sons

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Ben Bessman Avatar
Ben Bessman
Posted: 07.29.09, 12:07 PM
While I really loved most of her speech, the wide sweeping generalization about "every single boy" learning to play sports from their fathers at an early age is not very accurate at all. Many men (and women) could not care less about sports, and therefore have no interest in teaching their children something that is not a part of their lives. Also, I don't think she addressed the concept of personal choice in her argument on what a young girl might like to recieve as a Christmas gift (ball vs. doll). My own two and a half year old daughter has had no interest in playing catch with me or my five year old son until the past month or so (yet she has always played hockey in the kitchen with us), because she is very happy to play with her Disney Princess dolls and tea set (which the boys in the house join her for). She plays with almost all of her older brother's toys, as well as her own, and doesn't think twice about whether something is meant for a girl or boy. People are not just a collection of generalizations. They are a mass of individuals who can not be swept together through ill-thought out (though often logical) arguments about how they all (probably) feel on any given subject. Outside of that, however, I loved this presentation. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Ben

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