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Antisemitism's Emergence, Development, and Continuation

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Viiit Avatar
Posted: 07.20.10, 10:28 AM
Steven Beller, can hardly speak, he stutters; ahmmm, uhm, aah, repeating himself, interrupting his own sentences... a horribleness performance. Still, I am interested in the subject I suffered through his performance hoping to learn something new. Unfortunately the authors understanding of the subject matches his ability to speak. It is sub-zero. He perceived the many forms of antisemitism as separate phenomenons. He does not understand the shared underlying cause. It is like a quack looking at AIDS patient and classifying the patient's various symptoms as separate diseases never discovering the real cause. Additionally the author justifies the current Muslim antisemitism by the "objective" grievance that Muslims have to Israel. His shallow knowledge of history does not allow him to see that all former manifestations of antisemitism also perceived themselves as rational, reacting to the objective harm caused by the Jews. The "solution" is to dissolve the Jewish state and replace it with some sort of multi-cultural, multi ethnic state. A solution that would lead to final annihilation of the Jewish people. The speaker's ideology trumps historical science. Not surprisingly he is prising Obama for his "engagement" approach. Never mind that the "engagement" has not produced any whatsoever results (Iran, Arab-Israeli conflict, N. Korea). Ideology trumps facts. Steven Beller apparently never bothered to look at Lebanon where a multi-cultural experiment failed completely. Resulting in several civil wars, extermination of quarter million people, and waiting for the next civil war. I decided not to waste my time listening to other speakers who so highly admired Steven Beller.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 07.16.10, 10:16 PM
The Vatican involvement right from the first Reich. The History is much more complex and historically repetitious. Fear based society, is a society that wishes a life hereafter. the Jewish fear is- FEAR OF EXTINCTION. 5770 years and only 14 million Jews on Earth-shameful. Not paranoia, realism! Anti-Jews since Israel is on the rise! Europe always hated the Jews. Inquisition rolled into Holocaust that connection is ignored. I`m a Viennese Jew, born 4 years after the war. Fear was my parents constant thought, whether in Austria or Canada. Fear never left them! Ever! Growing up with camp survivors as parents is not EASY, Fear, denial, silence is a daily experience, for Years. Check Israeli hospitals for camp survivors, some have not taken a shower for over 60 years. For Jews "You can`t lose something you never had!" Human rights.