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Fareed Zakaria: The Post-American World

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logical777 Avatar
Posted: 04.11.10, 06:08 PM
Fareed cannot be president since he was bron outside U.S.
Saidiman Avatar
Posted: 10.07.09, 05:41 AM
I hope one day Fareed will give a lecture in Jakarta.
Vasil Avatar
Posted: 08.07.09, 01:15 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Chisinha Sounds like he's only addressing the big boys: US can invade Panama as long as it doesn't bring back torture? It seems to me that you're missing the point Fareed is trying to make, not that I completely agree with him. Obviously, canceling the torture would not automatically justify interventionism of the US, but it will make it more legitimate. Throughout the world history great powers used to compete for spheres of influence and US is not an exception. However, Fareed Zakaria argues that "democratization strategy" often achieved by the use of force is less damaging to the the US image of the world leader than not keeping up with the liberal values on which this particular strategy is based.
Chisinha Avatar
Posted: 08.05.09, 05:00 PM
Sounds like he's only addressing the big boys: US can invade Panama as long as it doesn't bring back torture?
horatiu Avatar
Posted: 08.20.08, 02:26 PM
I just wonder whether he is meant to be the new US Secretary of State, or rather Washington's new ambassador to the United Nations...
Graciela Avatar
Posted: 07.21.08, 09:32 AM
Hope Obama gives him a post in his team!
Cato35st Avatar
Posted: 07.10.08, 08:38 PM
I've just read this book on my Amazon Kindle. Great book and very good Kindle production. I've read recently in the Wall Street Journal that Senator Obama was seen reading this book on the campaign trail. If he gets elected I hope he was paying attention to the final chapters in particular. Bravo, Mr. Zakaria.
kkennedy Avatar
Posted: 07.08.08, 10:57 PM
An outstanding overview of the challenges facing the US, and the missteps we risk with our current foreign policy. I'm going to have to record his CNN show for sure, and I just stuck the book in my Amazon wishlist.
Thinkwithink Avatar
Posted: 07.01.08, 09:42 PM
Fareed for president.

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