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America's Education Crisis: Pursuing Academic Excellence

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phiscal Avatar
Posted: 05.21.09, 11:58 AM
Just for perspective on the budget thing: the US will spend $680 billion on Defense in 2009. It will spend $830 billion on Education. That's the feds, state and local governments. Spending more on ed might help, the real problem is not the level of dollars but the low value we per dollar. US education apparently needs a real revolution...a complete uprooting.
QuirkyAndSuch Avatar
Posted: 06.26.08, 01:55 AM
I totally agree about the 5% military advice, interestingly enough I've had that same idea. The U.S. spends 55% percent of the worlds combined military budget (our budget is 8 times larger than the #2 spot China!) I think we could easily put 5% into education. And we would still make up half of the worlds military budget.
solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.30.08, 10:45 PM
Put 5% of your military budget increment into EDU and you will have very positive developments like countries such as Finland, Sweden and Japan. I do not know that Governor but he appears to be a very wise man. W/best wishes from Spain,