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A Future Free of HIV: Scientific and Social Implications

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farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 11.04.09, 01:09 AM
Hans Rosling discusses HIV statistics: I would also point out that there is a very effective cure for HIV - don't get it in the first place. Don't use injection drugs and don't have unprotected sex. HIV is a very powerful evolutionary selection pressure, selecting for the people smart enough to not contract the disease. History is filled with examples of peoples who became dominate because they used their brains to control disease. The British systematically vaccinated the entire population against small pox and figured out that food born illness was eliminated by boiling food - and so began the largest empire in history. When the British finally failed in Panama and Africa, the Americans stepped in and figured out how to control malaria. The smart cultures that know how to prevent HIV transmissions and or are wealthy enough to control the disease are just the latest beneficiaries of natural selection (on both the individual and whole cultural [aka memeplex} levels of selection).