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Condoleezza Rice on Israel at 60

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AGENTE"B"1633. Avatar
Posted: 10.03.09, 09:05 PM
do the Irainian goberment have nucluar wepons not known to the U.S.Goverment and if they dow, wear are they gething the plutonium or enrished urainiam if knot the U.S.
rkm Avatar
Posted: 10.01.09, 05:33 AM
She was trying to appease an interest group. That was over a year ago and probably doesn't qualify now that Iran has magically produced a hidden enrichment plant. Why email me about old news FORA?
Posted: 07.07.08, 03:21 PM
The cost of the palestine children & mothers and fathers for a century is difficult to deny. C rice is speaking one way. the abuse of American's for the protection of israel is gone over the edge of truth & democracy. Isreal will not create peace with weapons an especial weapons of mass destruction.
solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.12.08, 11:21 PM
I agree Rice could well be President of the USA: she has the preparation and mental equilibrium that it takes. I for one believe that (beyond party matters) she has much better both conduct and personal qualities than H. Clinton. Cheers from Canary Islands, Spain.
FreedomFry Avatar
Posted: 05.12.08, 03:21 PM
now here is a woman i would vote for for president!
solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.12.08, 09:16 AM
A brilliant woman. Something interesting about her was that while being a lawyer, she defended the concept of "preventive warfare" (to which I may agree ... but I am not a lawyer :-). W/best wishes from Spain.

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