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Niall Ferguson and Peter Schwartz on Human Progress

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 05.14.11, 10:53 PM
CONFUCIUS SAID.The present is ever changing,therefore at most confusing. THE Future is conjecture, wishful thinking,no one really knows, BUT! THE PAST CAN BE studied, researched, and Knowable and taught! Einstein, SAID, THE PAST AND PRESENT AND FUTURE, ALL HAPPEN AT ONCE, OUR HUMAN SENSORY PERCEPTION SEPARATES TIME. COMMUNIST CHINA like all Communist systems, IT STEALS THE DESIRE TO KNOW THE UNKNOWN. AND therefore Communist China has the need for spies all over developed countries.BETWEEN HOW COMMUNIST CHINA TREATS WOMEN and HOW 27 MUSLIM NATIONS TREAT THEIR WOMEN AND BLACK AFRICA WHERE 75% of all women have been RAPED. TECHNOLOGY ALWAYS MILITARY FIRST. COMPUTER IS A EXAMPLE QUESTION NOT ASKED BY THESE INTELLIGENT MEN IS DOES THE ORIGINAL INTENTION HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE FINAL OUT COME? GATLIN GUN how fast and how many bullets can we put through the pipe how fast and how many people we could kill. then came IBM count the dead punch cards. EXCELLENT I ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH!
Eric25001 Avatar
Posted: 05.12.11, 04:39 AM
Live longer and prosper Cynthia Kenyon's article mentions most aging areas. However to highlight two or three areas not touched on or gone over lightly one could also look at late life switch to low protein in the diet and increased lifespan in female mice given young donor organs later in the reproductive cycle. Eric Calories Do Not Explain Extension of Life Span by Dietary Restriction in Drosophila Macronutrient balance and lifespan Protein Cycling Diet A Defence Against the Diseases of Aging Ovarian Transplantation Restores Fertility to Old Mice and Also Lengthens Their Lives Here is doctor Kenyon's good review of some of the recent research in aging; By Cynthia J. Kenyon
outtheother Avatar
Posted: 09.06.09, 03:00 AM
You are quite, YinYang, to say that we humans are very much a part of and subject to the forces that govern our world but I think you forget what it means to be human. Not all animals have the ability to better their lives and those of their progeny. This ability is in fact one of the hallmarks of humanity because it not only requires planning based on a rational discourse of thought but also an the ability to look critically upon the causal relationships that influenced history. Operant conditioning does not anywhere near approach the ability to consider contingencies, consider past experiences and plan accordingly. Put quite simply, animals don't practice agriculture. The fundamental difference in our abilities to influence our environments gives man not only the advantage of more bountiful goods but also the responsibility of perceiving and maintaining the balance between our consumption and what is ecologically sustainable.
YinYangDK Avatar
Posted: 09.08.08, 03:55 AM
Funny.... They both use history as a point of reference, Peter uses his awareness (about 30 years) and Niall uses recorded history. The fun part is that they are looking fore some way to predict the future by looking at past patterens. They both totally forget that WE HUMANS are more than Than just humans, we are all a direct link from the early organisms of the world. And we are by all means STILL a part of narure. The ability to better our lives is something all organisms have, or they would by as alive as rocks. Our ability to think may be precived as the most advanced form on our planet by us humans, but We are not by far as smart as ex. the ant because we do not live in harmonie with the world that surstain us.
journeyer58 Avatar
Posted: 06.29.08, 12:30 PM
In viewing this presentation I have found that the competing yet complementary views of past and future have coalesced into a seamless whole. We as a race, Humanity, seem to leave part of the equation out when thinking of either the past or the future. Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Schwartz give their sides of the equation equal weight and they commendably see the opposing viewpoint with alacrity and clarity. It is a pleasure to see differing viewpoints presented without the rancor and partisanship that occurs in the political arena. Please show more of the same type of debate. I learned much in viewing this presentation. Thank you for allowing this to be shown.
maman Avatar
Posted: 05.18.08, 07:48 AM
I found this a most interesting discussion and worthy of being of being as much downloaded as Niall Ferguson's speech in support of a McCain Presidency made on the same day.
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