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Douglas Feith: Inside the Pentagon

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SNS Avatar
SNS + Staff
Posted: 10.22.08, 03:47 PM
Nice pt Gersh. The rest of you people are good fun. Paul Wolfowitz is widely respected in DC, even by those that disagree with him politically.
Michael Gersh Avatar
Michael Gersh
Posted: 08.31.08, 07:47 PM
Don't just bash Wolfowitz guys. Feith is a Jew also. You can hate him with the same fervor. Or is his piece too far into the video for your attention span?
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 07.31.08, 01:30 AM
Wolfowitz discusses the war in Iraq while glossing over every controversial topic connected to it... as if there is no need to discuss them, i.e., first and foremost, What were the reasons for going to war in the first place?
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 06.04.08, 08:47 PM
Jesus H. Antichrist, it's Paul Wolfowitz. Mr. Pay-Your-Girlfriend-a-Big-Salary-for-doing-nothing himself.
TPOC Avatar
Posted: 06.01.08, 10:14 PM
wow So Many Zionists all with the same agenda, use America to protect Israels interests. Such a surprise.

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