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The Global Environment with Jeffrey Sachs

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Mickey Bo D Avatar
Mickey Bo D
Posted: 02.04.10, 06:58 PM
Man, I hear ya, I really do, and I would have had a view not too different from your own not so long ago. But whether it comes from Sachs or some other pen pushing suit wearing twat who has never known hardship or suffering, what they're saying has to be of some value. Yes they may have created it, but it is us and our children that are going to change it. Don't let who these notions may come from put you off, break free from the naysaying and the boundaries that close us off from the possibilities of what we can accomplish. Don't centre your anger at anyone or any one issue, allow yourself to at least entertain the notion that we can change things for the better. It may be futile, maybe even naive, but we'd still be in the dark ages if we didn't. Peace bud,
wolfheinl Avatar
Posted: 01.06.09, 10:45 PM
I much admire Dr. Sachs, but what the hell is the plastic bottle of water doing next to him?
Globalstomp Avatar
Posted: 12.07.08, 06:27 PM
Mr. Sachs is an idiot globalist trying push the phony agenda of global warming. The UN and the banksters are pushing this for taxation and control of our very lives. The millenium development goals are a globalist agenda designed to take control from the people and put it in the hands of a few. This guy is sickening to listen to when you know their ultimate goal is to tax us for the flatulence of our farm animals and other sources when C02 is not a hazard to the planet in any way shape or form. I'm all for not dumping toxic waste or chopping down the rainforest but the globalist like to create situations and then offer a draconian solution to fix the problem they created.

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