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Paul Saffo on Embracing Uncertainty and Forecasting

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Commonwealth Club of California

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IamIan Avatar
Posted: 02.13.10, 05:48 PM
@ ~ 36:40 ... He's still living in the old long ago debunked myth that it take as much energy to make PV as you get from them... the devil is always in the details ... To be that grossly wrong about something that there have been numerous studies on debunking several times ... just makes me wonder about the credibility of the basis for his opinions. Otherwise he seemed a well thought speaker ... but that one just jumped out at me as being 99% fictional without supporting evidence to back his personal belief that he felt he had to bring up... wasn't even related to the question asked.
Anders Berg Avatar
Anders Berg
Posted: 02.09.10, 08:12 AM
To stay off-topic: I have no problems connecting from Denmark.
Associated Avatar
Posted: 02.07.10, 08:22 PM
yes. say hi to princess mary
oliol Avatar
Posted: 02.06.10, 11:44 AM
Why can't I connect to ? Is the fact that I'm in Denmark part of the problem ?