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Uncommon Knowledge: Henry Kissinger

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Posted: 08.07.10, 03:05 PM
HE is a UNCONVICTED FASCIST WAR CRIMINAL AND A LIAR. A NAZI-FASCIST NWO agenda (PNAC, WOLFOWITZ DOCTRINE, BUSH DOCTRINE, PAX AMERICANA) promoter - and a mass murderer of CAMBODIAN PEOPLE (Operation Menu) and VITENAM peopel - 2 wars with US LIES. 2 WARSS whcih were 100% act of teerorism - and ALSO because they started with lies and were UNDECLARED wars - and CONTINUED lies of WMD'S using (Napalm,Agent Orange) NIXON and KISSINGER. Kisinger is a WAR CRIMINAL: WAR OF AGGRESSION, WAR AGAINST PEACE, VIOLATING NUREMBERG PRINCIPLES. HERE IN THIS VIDEO KISSISNGER LIES ABOUT CLINTON ETC US TERRORIST LEADERS! MASS MUREDERING NAZI WAR CRIMINAL/TERRORIST BILL CLINTON KNEW 1993 IRAQ DIDN'T HAVE WMD's AND ALSO LATER after 8-22-1995 When General Hussein Kamel, Head of IRAQ WMD's PROGRAM and Saddam's son-in-law defected and told in Amman, Jordan UNSCOM UN Weapons inspectors that HE DESTROYED ALL WMDS 1991. And he specially said then when asked about remaing WMD's in IRAQ:" NOTHING REMAINED!"
solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.10.08, 10:21 PM
I comment I would like to add: - Of course, the interview was about Iraq. - Mr. Kissinger puts forward some ideas on the US military action in the mid East as a consequence of the so called "jihad" and radicalization of other arabic/muslim countries. - However, Mr. Kissinger doesnt say anything about the expansion of the "chicom" (chinese) military/technological and economic "area of influence" (which is directed to mid East countries). - All in all, I would suggest that US/NATO presence would, in part, be a way to stop the chicom area of influence. - The P. Rep. of China is a (the) real danger and I hope they would never reach a tech development more advanced than western countries. If so, we will be in serious trouble. Thank you.
solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.07.08, 11:25 AM
A truly wise man.