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Uncommon Knowledge: T.J. Rodgers

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wolfheinl Avatar
Posted: 11.16.08, 12:09 AM
TJ cites the IPCC report, and indicates that global warming is not a big deal but many scientists feel that the report was too conservative by discounting some carbon sources. I'm in the snow belt and my petunias were blooming in January, 2006 so I think I will side with the scientists. Personally, I like snow and I'll miss it. Please check out or for more info on climate change. Or Audubon Society, GreenPeace, Sierra Club, the Pew Center, etc. etc, etc. Get involved and use your voices any way you can to catch the ear of the new administration. Also, please push for the President to attend the upcoming climate change conference in Poland. What is good for the environment is good for America. Thanks from Western PA.

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