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Eric Alterman on 'Why We're Liberals'

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gotstheguts Avatar
Posted: 07.10.08, 07:12 PM
We are all responsible
When will you all take responsibility for your own part with the wars, the state of our economy and environment. Unless you make every effort to ween yourself off of as many petroleum based products as you can, you are part of the problem. I myself don't claim to do everything I can. I drove to work this morning. But I am driving a Prius. I have stopped buying products in plastic bottles whenever possible. Our cars are getting bigger. Our glutenous behavior is at an all time high. And that is prevalent on the left and right. The issues are bi-partisan people.
QuirkyAndSuch Avatar
Posted: 06.09.08, 06:44 PM
I find it odd that CO4E commented that when liberals are wrong that there's no way for them to make a correction. When George Bush's choices led to thousands of people dying both in war and during hurricane Katrina I have to ask, do we really believe that conservative beliefs lead to more flexible government choices? The last few decades of conservatives/republicans has meant debt. Bill Clinton, a liberal, had a balanced budget. George Bush, a conservative, has created a massive amount of debt.
CO4E Avatar
Posted: 03.30.08, 02:48 PM
The problem with liberals like this is that when they are wrong, there is no way to track back and make a correction.