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The Business of Going Green with Newt Gingrich

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daniel_shields Avatar
Posted: 02.23.10, 08:30 PM
Golf stream? What, did Newt miss his tee time? "Gulf" Stream. Wow. He is, purportedly, an intelligent person, derided though that quality is among American conservatives.
ttyler5 Avatar
Posted: 08.13.09, 08:33 AM
Nonsense. The California vote outlawing gay "marriage" over the attempts by an irresponsible and arrogant Politically Correct court to impose it by judicial fiat is proof enough that America is not "liberal" morally or socially.
coryg Avatar
Posted: 07.30.09, 04:31 PM
Doesn't know???
Quote: Originally Posted by farber2 There are alot of things that Newt Gingrich doesn't know. For one, america is not center-right socially. What basis do you have for saying that he doesn't know the current political climate? Newt not only knows where America is, but will quote you the statistical data, from memory, including at least 12 references to the polls and dates where the data came from, then give you a history lesson on the fundamental shifting of political viewpoints starting from the founding of Jamestown to present. (Unfortunately, the earlier Roanoke data was lost, although he would probably give some evidence based on the original charter, again, from memory.) It is interesting how some seem to think that because Newt holds a right-of-center viewpoint that somehow it is invalid, or that he should alter it to match the slim majority. Somehow, they feel, if he knew where the majority of Americans were, he would change his tune. From where I sit, that is a whimsical statement. It's a statement that comes from what seems to be an underlying feeling that one should follow what is popular. It is far better to reason and ponder the data ... all the data... and come up with a logical and practical course of action based upon structured and fundamental principles and beliefs, and then stick to them.
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 03:41 PM
AlienIquirer - the dirt on your face was more than likely from the dust kicked up from the tires, not the car exhaust.
4TimesAYear Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 03:39 PM
Uh-huh. So the reason we find it necessary to run furnaces to stay warm is...?
scalbers Avatar
Posted: 11.29.08, 06:04 PM
It's true that geologically past warmings have had a lag. The CO2 released still amplified the warming by about 1/3rd.
scalbers Avatar
Posted: 11.29.08, 06:01 PM
I think the solar radiation has been too constant in the past few decades to explain the warming climate we've seen. CO2 and other greenhouse gases makes a much better fit. At least Newt granted we should take some action due to the risk. Remember also the CO2 makes the ocean acidic and is another reason to cut back. It's easier to prevent CO2 buildup now than to remove it later - that's a more wise risk assessment.
AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 11.26.08, 08:43 AM
What? He's never adjusted the thermostat in his home? Human causes the heat to rise on the Earth because our bodies temperature is 98.7 degrees. As the population increases so does the air around us too. This is exemplified by packing people in a boxcar until everyone is rubbing against each other. Alone in the boxcar compared to packed in the boxcar is proof that the more humans there are, the higher the temperature. And that's only human bodies. Look at all the incandesent bulbs that burn and heat up the surroundnig air. And ovens, and CPUs and engines and billions of bodies growing exponentially. The Sun shines at a constant temperature. The climate on Earth is controlled by heat generated on it.
AlienIquirer Avatar
Posted: 11.24.08, 07:48 AM
I remember one day where I had to stay outside on a busy avenue in New York City all day on the sidewalk while traffic drove by. When I got home the smoot on my face from the all the car exhaust was incredible. More scary was the fact that my lungs were probably infected as well. Clean air is vital to our health. It should be a priority but it takes less of a priority to profit. The motive/idea to profit is too powerful. Only a more powerful (though false) idea of humanity causing global warming can counter the common man's greed. The green revolution is a lie that brings about truth.