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Robert Bryce on The Delusion of Energy Independence

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Andrew Atkin Avatar
Andrew Atkin
Posted: 05.04.10, 11:29 PM
Super battery: Well, one idea I have had for a "super battery" is this: Take the Hadron Collider (or a simlar structure) and mount a spinning hoop in it. The hoop is made up of relatively powerful permanent magnets. Have the hoop supported in a vacuum tube, and suspended by external permanent magnets (i.e. frictionless). With the enormous diameter of the "fly-hoop" (not fly-wheel) you can spin it to a great speed with a minimal centrifugal force. This in turn allows you to mechanically store a [potentially] massive amount of energy per-mass of the flywheel. It could function as an efficient (and massive) mechanical capacitor, to iron our the peaks and troughs of wind/solar energy supply. Water-pump windmills: Have offshore windmills that pump water into a high hill-top reservoir. From here it operates like a hydrodam - and the higher the reservior, the more efficient it will be (as you move less water under higher pressure, rather than more water under lower pressure...same dynmaic as getting the voltage up with electricity). This could work in countries like New Zealand. -------------------------------------------- And what about GEOTHERMAL?

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