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Robin Wright on the Future of the Middle East

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Richard Guha Avatar
Richard Guha
Posted: 10.05.08, 12:44 PM
Robin Wright has long been someone who is extraordinarily well-informed and thoughtful The challenge so many face and she meets so well is to see the world as it really is, not just through the lens of the culture in which one has grown up. Being objective while clearly also caring about the subject is essential, as is noticing the small details which so often give away what is happening in the country. Western interference over the centuries has been a long story of unintended consequences because of lack of understanding. We need to absorb these lessons.
tomest05 Avatar
Posted: 10.03.08, 02:37 PM
The book is highly enjoyable and one of the most informative on current affairs and developing trends with in the Middle East/North Africa. Her analysis has often been correct days, months, and even years ahead of major events and occurrences. Highly recommended for all those looking for a broad understanding of the region, but not looking to digest large historic and statistical information found in in-depth history or political science literature. I do wish there was a much larger discussion on Turkey, from which the book's names derives. All in all, great program and fantastic book worth picking up and understanding for professionals in the military, government, aid organizations, and concerned citizens.

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