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How Can Aphorisms Change Your Life?

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N. Wylie Jones Avatar
N. Wylie Jones
Posted: 02.26.09, 09:52 PM
Dear Geary, I have over 200 quote books; in my collection I have a copy of The World in a Phrase. You are the first writer of a quote book I've ever seen at a book signing. Your dry wit and juggling were fanatastic. I just wrote, The World's Most Creative (And Dangerous) Quote Book (go to ). I'm at the beta-blurb stage which means I'm contacting some of the world's most creative people to write blurbs to take to the agent with the recommendation I have from a famous writer. Love your website, links, store (I would love to have the store to sell shirts I've had made over the years when I was teaching in Virginia and Edinburgh, Scotland. My favorite website is I just discovered Fora TV today. I'm adding Fora to the Creatography at the end of my book. I love to create original quotes, but I'm not sure how many would fit your Geary 5 laws. Go to and see. N. Wylie Jones .
SNS Avatar
SNS + Staff
Posted: 05.15.08, 11:41 AM
This is a great walk through some genuinely delightful language and the history of a tradition. Worth checking out.