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E.J. Dionne on Faith, Politics and Evangelicals

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SwampFoxAnalyst Avatar
Posted: 04.19.09, 09:13 PM
E.J. Dionne brought up the example of Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address as showing the 'good' doubt of religion that leads to humility. Is there any evidence that Abraham Lincoln was a traditional Christian that believed in a Trinity or salvation exclusively though faith in Jesus Christ? I can find no direct statement of this.
journeyer58 Avatar
Posted: 06.09.08, 10:40 AM
Prof. Dionne makes a cogent and profound argument for the fact that in the next 10-20 year, the influence of the Far Christian Right is waning at a progressively faster rate and will continue to wane even more so. As evidenced by the National Evangelical Association's declaration that Christians need to become involved in the environmental causes and further involved in the homelessness and hunger issues that are facing us, in America at a much faster rate than at any time since the Great Depression of the 1930's. The Christian Rights focus being diverted away from the 3 G's: G-d, Guns and Gays is a major step in the direction of being able to minister to the world, not according to their agenda but as the world is. If the Christians expect to gain any ground they must as a movement leave the political arena as it now stands and work for the common good, not the good of a chosen few but all the people whom G-d has placed upon the earth. If this happens, you will see a momentous movement that will change how the world thinks about Christianity and its adherents.