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Michael Connery: Youth to Power

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unbounded_thinker Avatar
Posted: 03.19.08, 11:14 PM
There are many places for intelligent young activists to take charge in politics...
The old, outmoded model is in thinking that the establishment socialist power-whore political parties #1 and #2, or any other flavor of generalist collectivism has anything to offer the youth. --They don't. And more and more, every day, the youth are seeing the necessity of tearing down the unnecessary construct of the prohibitionist police state. There are indeed "New Intellectuals" and they are no more conservative than they are liberal: they are libertarians, objectivists, capitalists, nonconformists, citizen jurors, freedom lovers, thinkers, achievers, individualists, gun owners (and robotics owners!), futurists, anti-authoritarians, and REAL anarchists ("Anarcho-capitalists" --not socialists calling themselves anarchists). There are many outlets for them, at every level of organization and strategy. Firstly, a few of them will be at the Libertarian Party's national convention in Denver this year (and they should be!). Even more will eschew electoral politics until the "black box" voting machines are done away with, (and they will help do away with them!). Some will pursue consolidated power accumulation and dismantling via the Free State Project. Many will eventually find a home with jury activism, as the true repository of individual citizen's governing rights (the power to stop unjust state punishment). Others will mix and match. I'm in the jury rights activism camp. These jurors are already becoming a powerhouse here: --Because they know that once their movement gains momentum the illegitimate portions of the state will crumble(eventually leaving only the modest prohibition on initiating force), like it did when John Lilburne and the true levellers first fought for jury rights. (All that is necessary is for one person per courthouse in the USA to hand out FIJA information to the incoming jurors for 2 hours, once per week, and preferably have their friends videotape them doing so, so they can win in court if the cops illegally arrest them. The FIJA movement works well in conjunction with video monitoring of the state, as suggested by David Brin and practiced by: and ) And yes, a few of the stupid and misinformed but noble-souled will be supporting the mainstream power whores (like Obama, McCain, and Clinton) in their youthful wishful thinking. ..And, although that's by no means a way of getting legitimately involved in politics as a thinker, it will positively effect the 2012 and 2016 elections, as they begin to figure that out. (Unless we become a dictatorship before then.) And even if that happens, there will always be the frontier, ...and big brother can't stop the march to more intelligence and more freedom, even if he tries looking under every stone in the Phillipines... Moreover, there are computer programmers and builders (and brian builders and teachers) who understand and support the concept of individual freedom, who are working on building the embryos of better, more powerful synthetic brains. We get closer to individual freedom every day, and there are many individual paths towards it. Yet, even as we grow closer to displacing the outmoded forms of colective tyranny, those forms will cause ever more damage as they fail, crash, and burn. The fact that there are many young people "plugging in" to power politics is evidence of their search for truth, in its infancy. Imagine what will happen as they begin to see where the path of knowledge and justice leads! Choose life!:
FreedomFry Avatar
Posted: 03.19.08, 05:27 PM
arent todays young voters ALWAYS building tomorrow's progressive majority? But then they grow up, get jobs and become conservatives! LOL