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Alexander Shaia: Beyond the Biography of Jesus

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Dallas1 Avatar
Posted: 04.24.11, 05:32 PM
Go to the teachings, study them. Failures of human ego do not negate the truths contained therein. Your anger only hurts you.
theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 04.23.11, 11:56 AM
MORE CHRISTIAN GARBAGE: "Jesus" was not the name given by Mother and Father but by a a sad unhappy malaria driven hallucinations on the road to Damascus, LETS GET REAL the RABBI Hammered on the ROMAN CROSS is the weapon to kill more Jews. Yes this horrid identity stolen, 2000 years of Lies, A border less war is the endless war. Distortions of Jewish History from Christians, to Muslims to Protestants,all for WHAT? so you christians can DRONE YOUR WAY OUT KILL AT A DISTANCE LIKE THE RABBI ON THE CROSS: WASTE OF TIME! PLEASE TAKE OUT THE GARBAGE!
Process Avatar
Posted: 03.31.08, 02:49 AM
The same case can ofcourse be made about Judaism regarding its Zoroastrian origins. Inventing monotheism by the way is not something to be proud over. It should be lamented. At least polytheism offers some diversity in the 1984 nightmare.

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