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A Short History of the American Stomach

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Mosscat Avatar
Posted: 10.16.09, 08:55 PM
Food network dissappoints me because so few of their shows anymore are about food, they are all drama shows. GM Foods are yummy and I especially like them because they seem to annoy hippies and leftists and Europeans. Pass the Lucky Charms!
surik Avatar
Posted: 03.16.09, 02:26 PM
so GM plants are created by the same process as the domestication of plants? does he really think people believe such a obvious lie? inform yourself. GM foods will never feed the world, but will surely feed the greedy biotech corporations.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 03.06.08, 02:00 PM
I don't know about Kaufman's whole "gastroporn" premise. I'm with him as far as Rachel Ray and Giada De Laurentis - obvious sexuality hooks there - but I'm not so sure you can take that concept and apply it to the Food Network as a whole. How would he categorize Alton Brown, the Bill Nye of cooking and my favorite FN host? That guy's about as sexual as a Smurf.
But words - words are not enough! - Klaus Kinski

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