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Gary Hirshberg: How to Make Money and Save the World

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scube Avatar
Posted: 07.12.11, 08:44 AM
I haven't looked into all the other products sold by Stonyfield and I do think what Mr. Hirshberg is doing is the right thing economically and ecologically. However, one should Never buy Yogurt in a cup if possible. It is as easy to make at home as making rice in a rice cooker. Yes you have to start the process with some yogurt. So, buy your first cup of yogurt(plain). Boil some milk. Let the milk cool down to room temperature. Pour say 1-3 tea spoon of the yogurt that you have in the milk. Keep it in a warm place for 4-8 hours depending on the room temperature(I keep it in the oven overnight) and you have your yogurt. Yes, this is plain yogurt I am talking about with no preservatives, sugars, colors or flavor. When this batch of yogurt is nearing the end, boil some milk, pour the 1-3 tea spoon of yogurt from your first batch into the milk and the process continues.. Save your money, eat healthy and live well.
Olgmik Avatar
Posted: 07.16.10, 02:26 PM
I like everything Mr. Hirshberg says yet I wish he was thinking about the actual cows more and used his power to convince people to buy soy yogurt. Adopt-a-Cow project is not really what's known as adoption. This project is just marketing gimmick that sounds like "good-doing". Cows don't send e-mails, if we really think about what's natural and realize that we are a part of nature. Cows are a part of nature too. I'd be much happier if he actually let people adopt the cows in a way that would make a difference for the cows. Moreover, if he convinced more people to eat soy yogurt, he'd have to worry way, way less about cutting costs of green practices as cows are the main polluters of the environment.
heybd Avatar
Posted: 03.04.08, 12:53 PM
If going green is as profitable as he says it is, how is it that so few big companies are jumping on the bandwagon? I'm not saying I disagree with him, but where is the disconnect between this reasoning and putting it into practice? Quote: Originally Posted by rocketdog Adopt-a-Cow promotion = frickin' genius. I am so buying this guy's yogurt on my way home today. Are you going to adopt a cow afterwards? I think it's funny that the cow sends you email. Hilarious.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 03.03.08, 04:36 PM
Adopt-a-Cow promotion = frickin' genius. I am so buying this guy's yogurt on my way home today.
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