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Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Death by Black Hole

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Previous FORAtv comments:
Fora2 Avatar
Posted: 08.17.11, 05:51 PM
Sorry Neil, love you, but it's getting worse! Average Global Temps SPIKED +0.6C (+1.08 degrees F) since 1975. Summer Arctic Sea Ice dropped -50% since 1980. Since 1950 atmospheric CO2 has spiked +30% over highest levels in 400,000+ years. CO2 Ocean Acidification is up +30% since 1900! Oops? For more data & documented info. on Carbon Dioxide/CO2 Concentration, Global Surface Tempera-ture, Arctic Sea Ice and Land Ice (Antarctica & Greenland) & Sea Levels Go to: climate.nasa(dot)gov/keyIndicators BTW, just ONE American child consumes the energy & resources of TWENTY poor Third World children. Our Spaceship Earth's life support has been crashing since WWII. Oceans are poisoned and over fished by much as 90%. Rain forest has dropped -25%. CO2 ocean acidity has gone up +30%. Ocean acidification will kill CaCO3 forming coral, plankton, and shellfish by 2030. And Int'l Predatory Corporations now OWN America - all they care about is deregulation, dodging tax-es, short term profits and BIG BONUSES! "The late, great, spaceship Earth!"
whisper Avatar
Posted: 11.17.10, 09:08 PM
have apologists jumped on the 'IT's WORMWOOD!! told ya sinners!' bandwagon yet?
Lirl Avatar
Posted: 05.21.10, 07:41 AM
Blow a chunk off the moon, use it as a shield or put rockets on it and shoot it to deflect the asteroid.
Gregy Avatar
Posted: 01.27.10, 08:53 AM
I love this guy!
RScruggs Avatar
Posted: 07.02.09, 09:40 AM
I'm a geologist and generally don't like listening to people when they talk about astrophysics, I enjoy the subject its just usually too boring to listen to, but with him I can pay attention, and learn a lot.
unknownfrost Avatar
Posted: 05.26.09, 04:25 PM
I completely agree! the way he explains things is very easy to understand, plus he is so animated and mixes jokes into his speeches. He is great to watch.
brad guillory Avatar
brad guillory
Posted: 03.21.09, 10:14 PM
The narrator sucks, Tyson is great!
lantechguy Avatar
Posted: 01.17.09, 05:25 AM
I wondered who would replace Carl Sagan and Philips Morrison in the public forum to teach us about the nature of the universe. I saw Dr. Tyson on TV a while ago and I stopped wondering.
animator Avatar
Posted: 12.12.08, 01:53 PM
I've heard this theory that tidal forces would rip you apart if you fell towards a black hole. It doesn't seem right to me though. I don't think you would actually be squeezed by space contracting all around you. I imagine you would contract with it. It's not that the full size you, has to suddenly fit in a smaller place. You are also part of space. Your atoms would not get closer together, relatively. They would get smaller and their relative distances apart would stay the same. So you and your spaceship and the air in it might get really small. But would you even notice? In less than the blink of an eye, you might just pop back out into a fully formed and sized reality and never even know what happened. Perhaps it happens all the time and we don't even know it.
mzleona Avatar
Posted: 05.17.08, 07:13 PM
This kind of discourse helps novices such as I by answering a multitude of questions in 30+ minutes, without annoying commercials and overbearing musical backgrounds interrupting aging trains of thought. Thank you Mr Tyson and Fora TV! MzLeona