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Abbas Milani and Barbara Slavin: Inside Iran

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Darveesh Avatar
Posted: 02.14.11, 05:00 PM
If the purpose of these "forums" are NOT just to bash Iranian's government and if you people are truly trying to have an OPEN and UNBIASED discussion about Iran; then, you need to have the other side present. Otherwise, what we just heard is a NOT very clever PROPAGANDA against Islamic Republic of Iran. For instance, on Crosstalk RT by: Peter Lavelle; we see he gets the two sides together (through satellite) and we hear BOTH SIDES. Perhaps commonwealth could have asked Dr.Seyed Mohammad Marandi to participate in this ESCAPADE, so Dr.Milani could not get away with ALL SORT OF RUBBISH (and statement such as "Iranians have racist attitude towards Arabs" would have been challenged). These "FORUMS" in their present forms are INSULT TO IRANIAN PEOPLE, and NATION. Dr,Milani is ONLY representing a very small group of Iranians over seas; and he is a mouth piece for the reactionaries and Zionists.
ppwest Avatar
Posted: 06.14.10, 04:48 PM
I do not know why Dr. Milani does not want to know the difference between iranian and persian.Iran has some minorities like arab and nowadays anyone does not burn Omar effigy.