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John Gray: Why Mars and Venus Collide

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Kharami Sunato Avatar
Kharami Sunato
Posted: 12.03.09, 11:40 PM
Great Ideas & A Truly Helpful Leader. As a guy I was really "trained" by mom to be very supportive. It has back fired quite a bit with masculine women even attracting very unfeeling women. However, the info is very helpful, powerful and gives deep and true hope for all of use to communicate and appreciate the unquiness of each other. John has some amazing deep healing CD's that I have used to heal old gunky patterns of lack and limitation. Everyone interested in healing the brain and old patterns of lack or limitation will be greatly served by these tools. They are probably purchaseable from his web site. I have some available on my website too under Free Healing, and Click Here. Try his CD's or try mine either or they will be deeply stimulating and very healing! Best Wishes
CO4E Avatar
Posted: 02.15.08, 05:39 AM
outside of the box
This explains, to some degree, why young men form gangs. Gangs provide safe haven for generating serotonin, while also providing plenty of emergencies to generate testosterone. We fill our children's lives with vicarious experiences, which have little if any capacity to affect hormone levels. Just a thought.

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