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Carbon Trading: A Solution to Climate Change?

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solaris Avatar
Posted: 05.07.08, 09:13 PM
Climate "justice" ? :-) Amazing ... (w/ all due respect). If I were you, I would go to the NOAA paleo climate data base, pick up any climatic proxy data and do the number crunching: you will realize that "climate change" is not something that we can avoid. Fossil fuels are just a (marginal) cofactor in all of this. The point is that "climate change" is -like El NiƱo was for a few years ago- just in fashion. And we get a lot of preachers all around, trumpeting for the Armagedon, trying to get "easy" research funds - and politicians who would do carrier on whatever (from death penalty to asteroids to CO2 quotas). The fossil *oil* age is already gone. We will move towards natural gas and the nuclear-hydrogen tandem. And climate change will go on and on: there is no way you can excercise a "climatic justice" because resources are patchily distributed and competition is high.