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Spotlight on the U.S. Mexico Border

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bjoe427 Avatar
Posted: 09.18.09, 09:47 AM
Theis people are like cocroches,So what we need to do is 1 stop making it so ecommidating them comming and staying,We need to denie them axcess to medical care.And foodstamps,actually denie them protection under our laws.Unless they come here legally,WE allow LEGAL IMMIGRATION FOR THE PEOPLEW OUR LABOR FORCE NEEDS.What we do not want is a million people comming here illegally. JUst because most people here are immigrants,DOes not mean we have to allow or border be runnover and illegally crossed.Their are times when the econamy and social services cannot sustain the influx,And their are other times when we can handle more.Thats we have immigration limits. We are noit moraly reswponsable to take all of you,it is your contrys (MEXICOS RESPONSABILITY)to take care of you to provide you with jobs,medical care,scoole ect.If you people die comming here its on them,our responsabillity stops at the border. Yes illegal immagrents have some basic rights.! to be treated humainlly And to be deported without being harmed,Thats where it ends. But when you come her illegally,And have a child here regardless of wether they wer concieved here or in mexico.If their parents are illegal and are deported they should lake their children with them.Know if they are here legally and have a child,if they are granted citizenship,than their children at that time should also be granted citizenship.But if the are not granted citizenship their children regardless of where they are born should have the same statis as their parents.Illegal immigrants should NOT have axcess to free healthcare,foodstamps,or jobs that should go to citizens first,than illegal immagrents but than they should be deported.And yes send them home once,they come back go to prison,And yes if they continue to come heir illigally be put to they will not come back,They pay sales taxes.But thats it But they use our resorces and social programs.And contribut nothing to the programs,They stael our identities. The root cause of this immigration,Is the mexican government-Specifically not creating jobs and infostructor,And programs that take care of their poor.So would it not be benificial to help mexico solve this problem.And at the same time increase trade between our countrys. If mexicans would respect our laws,And come to this country the legal way,We would not need the wall.Thats the only thing we can do.We need to put troops on the border.And do what ever we have to do.If that means shooting them as they climb over. Mexico city needs to start changeng their country.That means protest start building buisnesses.The us did not steal texas or any other state.We payed cash for it.And then had to go to war to keep it.And will again if necisary. They need to fix their own country and stop milking ours.
bjoe427 Avatar
Posted: 09.18.09, 08:09 AM
we allow immigratio for the labor this country nrrds,legal immigration is benificail,for both usa and mexico,But illegal immigration is detrimental I dont see,how mexicans can say the do the work americans will not do,I am white-Native american.I have worked in stables,Been a dishwasher,mowed lawns for extra money.Worked in construction and in cotton fields in arkansas,The only difference is I am a citizen born in us,And I pay ALL MY TAXES whitch is about 50% of my income.I have to pay for my way or another.I have my own Identification,And i dont need to steal someone elses. I have to compeat with people that works for near nothing,And employers want this labor to hold down wages.they use our health system,they full our classrooms,Use up our social services.And actually think my country belongs to them.Its time for them to go home--I am trying to be clear that us citizens by in larg do not want illegal immigrants here. So we will start enforcieng our immigration pollicies,and they need to take all their children with them.wether they were born here or not go home. It is not Americas responsability,to support and maintain mexicos poor populetion.We have our own poor to take care of.So for every one ove mexicos poor we support ther are 2 of our own to take care of.And It is time for take the matter into our own hands.go home while you can We are tired of it.Go home get in line and wait your turn come here legally.

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