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Conscious Capitalism

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Kevin O'Malley Avatar
Kevin O'Malley
Posted: 06.27.08, 11:04 PM
Part Two of this series now up on FORA TV. Go to:
farber2 Avatar
Posted: 05.27.08, 01:05 PM
when I walk into "best buy", are the employees there to help me the customer, or are they there to serve the share holders of the company, I feel as if they are there to serve the shareholders. this seems like the modern norm and the main shift from mom and pop stores that gave customer service, and not shareholder service.
Kevin O'Malley Avatar
Kevin O'Malley
Posted: 05.20.08, 06:54 PM
I produced and moderated this program at the Commonwealth Club - where I'm Vice-Chairman of the Business and Leadership Forum. We did a Part Two in this series on May 13th at the Club and this should be up on FORA TV soon. I would appreciate any comments, insights or links to these programs, as I'm hoping to do more in this series. Please contact me at Thanks -- and looking forward to hearing from you. -- Kevin O'Malley