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Genocide to Abu Ghraib: How Good People Turn Evil

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smjr Avatar
Posted: 07.18.09, 07:07 PM
Zimbardo's Lucifer Effect has implications for the GFC in that the power and authority exercised by Wall Street without surveillance inevitably leads to evil. That surveillance needs to come from government, which in a democaracy is surveilled by the people.
bachmann Avatar
bachmann + Staff
Posted: 05.06.09, 01:05 PM
A frightening vision of what the human mind is capable of in times of duress and a perfect example of group think. One must wonder how far down the line of command people will be held accountable [if-when] prosecuted.
josealonsoleon Avatar
Posted: 04.25.09, 01:08 PM
Its very refreshing to read that someone out there in America has the guts to accuse the true criminals.Isn't that somewhat heroic? Great lecture!
jimbob6986 Avatar
Posted: 06.15.08, 06:51 PM
Interesting how this can be applied to the drug wars. It seems to rubbish the notion that there is an intrinsic and inherent evil attached to them and instead suggests that it is the structural factors concommitant to prohibition. The socially reinforced moral chauvenism of anti-drug zealots permits the sadistic behaviour imposed upon both addictive and recreational users.
CO4E Avatar
Posted: 02.26.08, 01:23 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Manna Humans are ... easily influence by their surroundings ... That is the crux of the problem. We are not so easily influenced, unless influence becomes an arbitrary or chaotic attribute of childhood. The more all things are of equal value, the less any one thing matters.
Manna Avatar
Posted: 02.22.08, 12:38 PM
Humans are mailable beings, easily influence by their surroundings. Our beauty and flaws are amplified when the group/mob mind takes hold...there are many examples of this type of behavior throughout our recorded history.
And the knot comes loose...
Posted: 02.21.08, 12:28 PM
this guy is providing a somewhat subversive stance on human nature that 100 years from now will appear obvious. key quote "it isn't a bad apple, it is a bad barrel holding the apple."
Manna Avatar
Posted: 02.06.08, 12:25 PM
If you can stomach it, watch Chapter 6 - it contains images of Abu Ghraib I've never seen. So sick. So sick. Truly humanist values are tested by watching humans behave in such an insane and inhumane manner.
And the knot comes loose...
Manna Avatar
Posted: 02.06.08, 11:23 AM
Ah, the beauty of human nature - so easily influenced. The Stanford Prison experiment is truly fascinating.
And the knot comes loose...