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Muhammad Yunus: Creating a World Without Poverty

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rehanahmedallahwala Avatar
Posted: 03.12.11, 11:17 AM
This is a great video, i am very glad to have been able to watch it, and look forward to meeting him one day to help start the next 100 million micro businesses in the world. REhan Allahwala
fora0157 Avatar
Posted: 11.17.09, 03:47 AM
Thank Professor Muhammed Yunus. Sometimes I meant to hear words of real Jesus, as I picture him. He talks not about the poors he speaks with the poor people. Especially with the women. I hope we can imagine a world without poverty. This seems to me a good candle in our way in better future.
jimbob6986 Avatar
Posted: 05.01.08, 11:51 PM
WOW! absolutely incredible. I love his idea about the Social Stockmarket, i can completely see something based on the model being hugely successful. A free market for individuals investing in successful social companies partnered with regular corporations. The potential seems boundless.

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