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Michael Parenti Discusses Contrary Notions

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brianrouth Avatar
Posted: 03.08.11, 04:08 PM
Please watch this video by Patricia Wells with the voice of Michael Parenti and music by Brian Routh
brianrouth Avatar
Posted: 03.08.11, 04:06 PM
Please watch this video by Patricia Wells with the voice of Michael Parenti and music by Brian Routh!
Posted: 10.18.08, 04:01 PM
Research and audit the finance's where they went and where they are. The marshall plan one can find many keys of the past and present.
dilbertgeg Avatar
Posted: 06.13.08, 09:59 PM
One thing I forgot to add. When you read some neo-con and Trilateralist (Grand Chessboard) rhetoric and philosophy on how utterly vital and absolutely necessary this "war on terror" was considered to be to US hegemony, global domination, and the domination of global corporatism ... and THEN if you read that an attack on America was utterly vital and absolutely necessary for the war to commence ... then you may arrive at my conclusion that BOTH were necessary, according to some of the most powerful people in America, rife with Pentagon and Intell and Elite Rulership connections, those most possessing the motive, means, and opportunity to carry it out but you may ALSO ask whether they would place the entire Project hinging on the willingness of ostensible "Islamic radicals" to kill themselves (otherwise depicted as hedonistic playboys into drinking, drugs, strippers, whores, cocaine, gambling, Republicans (Sun Cruz ship), and visiting US military bases). Wouldn't that represent an unacceptable risk of failure to the Project? If I were a ruthless Machiavellian pro-fascist (Ledeen openly so) leader, I would never rely on Arab pasties. No, I would use Arab patsies to play the PR role (wittingly or unwittingly, pretty obviously directed by CIA) of "Islamic Radicals", but I would steer the planes using decades-old Remote Control Flight Technology to guarantee the success of the hits with military precision. I don't trust Web Tarpley and LaRouche, but I appreciate Tarpley's suggestion that Able Warrior was the military's defense games with the other half being Able Danger, the ostensible enemy side of the same games. As you recall, some 5 Terabytes of data was erased on high orders. ------ Both Pentagon strategist Thomas P.M. Barnett (in his Powerpoint lectures) and Henry Kissinger (speaking with Charlie Rose) confirmed that the War on Terror has always been a war for Corporate Globalization, and "terrorists" are anyone opposed to globalization. Some of the Bush admin's PR groups for "pro-military" messages have echoed Barnett's message about turning Iraq into another global sweatshop to support Walmart, and the Walmartization of the world as being a goal of US policy.
dilbertgeg Avatar
Posted: 06.13.08, 09:38 PM
I'm glad that MP has finally noticed that PNAC had stated the NEED for a "casus belli" to invade Iraq, about one year prior. PNAC (156 signers, many of them Bush admin officials, funded by the Bradley Foundation) had also been pressing for this war for years, but other officials and groups besides PNAC also spoke of the NEED for a catastrophic event like Pearl Harbor. I was astonished that Parenti -- one of my heroes -- characterized 9-11 facts as "conspiracy theory", a few years ago. The Sept 11 attacks were MORE than a conspiracy by Bush, etc. It was US foreign and domestic policy, in writing, albeit informal (i.e. espoused by 3rd parties and then partly cut-and-pasted into Bush Doctrine and many laws). Parenti states the reasons -- corporate globalization, as envisioned by the Pentagon.