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Norman Podhoretz

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captain Avatar
Posted: 12.26.07, 05:42 AM
Close Minded
Podhoretz calls the Cold War conflicts and today's War on Terror 'World War 3 and 4'. This linear comparison is just not correct. You cannot draw direct comparisons as the situations are very different. Yes, use our past experiences as a knowledge base and whatnot, but by calling these other conflicts 'World Wars' he seems to be trying too hard to create this frightening sense of terror that has been degrading this country's quality of life, keeping its people fearing the end of the world and causing radical thinking of their own. One of his quotes, which almost threw me off my seat, in expressing the goal of our military actions was "the reform and modernization of the Islamic Religion". This is what he intends for the result of the war on terror to be. How will our military actions accomplish this? Kill all the radical fundamentalists? In this brief talk, I simply got the sense that Podhoretz is close minded and stubborn in his views, exhibiting the very qualities of those he is fighting against.

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