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Eric Schlosser, Author of Fast Food Nation

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remdor Avatar
Posted: 12.27.09, 01:13 PM
Schlosser is a reasonable, brilliant and ethical man. Ties together history and present conditions in a very accessible way. If individuals of his caliber were elected to office and remained courageous enough to act on their morals, this country would get beyond so many of the problems that we find ourselves mired in. Maybe now that the curtain has finally been pulled away from the "invisible hand" free trade mythical nonsense and even middle-class people are feeling the hurt, things can finally go toward more democracy and "actual" Christian values in this country - caring about ones fellow humanity and planet.
farmerjoe Avatar
farmerjoe +
Posted: 10.18.09, 06:24 PM
1) Our agriculture is moving overseas. Have you looked at a can of apple sauce, fruit chunks, legumes etc? Most of it is made overseas. 2) The Canadian meat packing industry was outsourced and moved offshore (or rather to another end of the same shore). Almost all Canadian meat packing is done in the USA because of the lesser labour laws. If the Americans start paying slaughter plant workers more, the plants will close and the live animals will be shipped to Mexico for processing. In Canada we truck animals thousands of miles to slaughter plants, it is easy to ship a another thousand and skip over the entire American packing industry. 3) American high tech is not what it used to be and is mostly gone overseas as well. Have you bought a piece of technology made in North America lately? The only one I can think of is BlackBerry and that would be made in Canada. 4) OPEC does not have enough of the global supply to act effectively as a cartel, mostly because the Saudis do not really co-operate and the other large exporters like Russia, Canada, Norway, and Kazakhstan are not members. The high price of oil is speculation based.