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Frank McCourt: Angela and the Baby Jesus

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Commonwealth Club of California

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Heiven Avatar
Posted: 04.29.10, 10:51 PM
I agree with "Jeezz" this author is really leaving deeply footprints in your heart, if you're lost, Frank McCourt sertainly will show you the way...A great Author that I had been honored to meet
Jeezz Avatar
Posted: 09.20.09, 11:45 PM
Great interview, helped me to see him as I would have liked it personally... Im so sorry i finished his second book "It is" tonight, two months ago he passed and I regret that i didnt read it before, I would have done everything to meet him and say that he's one of the person i would have liked to have a beer with... Im 20 years old and Frank Mccourt has marked my life. RIP, God bless you. Jessica from Venezuela

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