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Steven Roby: The Lost Archives of Jimi Hendrix

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claire moriece Avatar
claire moriece
Posted: 01.23.10, 02:21 AM
This is just plane NOT TRUE.
PaliGap Avatar
Posted: 06.11.09, 08:22 PM
First, Jimi was never addicted to heroin. They found no traces of the drug or addiction during his autopsy. Yes, he took a lot of LSD and smoked a lot of pot. But this was the 60s, most musicians did at the time (as did most young people). He never missed shows like Sly Stone or other rock stars of the time. His cross to bear was his evil, greedy manager. And before he died Hendrix was talking with lawyers to get rid of his manager. A good move, I think. His death was tragic, but he really wasn't this drug addled person the popular press makes him out to be.
Manna Avatar
Posted: 12.20.07, 10:54 AM
It seems to me that most extremely creative people have an intense and emotional connection to all of the thoughts and feelings pulsing through their brains. These types tend to be more apt to experiment with drugs and alcohol. At first, I think it's a way to elevate their already heightened state - but eventually leads to addiction and degradation. Creative types are usually all in, all the time. That’s why many artistic wunderkinds burn out at an early age. Hendrix was an extremely gifted artist and used drugs to elevate his state of conscience to feel more connected to the divine. And like many before and after him, the drugs got the upper-hand.
And the knot comes loose...
Worldcurmudgeon Avatar
Posted: 12.20.07, 03:01 AM
So long, we loved ya!
Jimi Hendrix was a beautiful heroin addict that lost his live at a young age by over dosing. Where did he get his creative spark, was it intellegence or drugs. We will never know. I hope it was because of creativity and the drugs were just a way of coping with the massive screwing people on this planet get from day to day by our polititians, business community, and civic leaders.