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Propaganda Then and Now: What Orwell Did and Didn't Know

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 06.28.11, 07:15 PM
Thank you Foratv. Stood out for me, George Soros From Budapest like my father from Buda side of budapest. now George left 1947, I was born Jewish in Vienna, couldn`t leave until 1955-56 I`m Austro-Hungarian and My Parents like George`s Parents are Nazi camp survivors. Communism in Austria was 1945-55, 10 years where everyone had to have a communist party card just to get a job. Hungary the same as Austria, Communist Rule.Austria lucky rid of Communists 1955 but Hungary suffered more. As for the Jew Hammered on the Roman Pagan Cross and Bach music,WELL, How many Catholic Priest or Bishops or Pope remind Christians that the Jew on the Cross was A Rabbi taught by the famous Rabban of Jerusalem, RABBAN GAMALIEL. All Rabbis have to be married to get the Rabbinical Papers So Yeshua- Jesus was Married. But see the Denial of the Christian church. Martin Luther 1535 of Protestants Hated JEWS. Historical facts, you can choose your opinions but not your facts. GREAT DEBATE THANKS! I have to agree with Magyar Soros He is as complicated as Rubike`s Cube!
phiscal Avatar
Posted: 06.24.10, 10:33 PM
Konstanty Gebert is stunningly honest, with an extremely engaging presentation. He was a practicing propagandist (like Soros). He is not ashamed of it, as he says, 'propaganda is not just for the bad guys. The good guys can use it, too." His group was so successful that he says, and I paraphrase, "We indoctrinated ourselves to believe we were 'the people'" indicating that Solidarity thought it had the right to speak for all the people, when that may have been a bit presumptuous. He is refreshingly candid. Even brilliant.
GRAYN Avatar
Posted: 01.30.10, 11:06 AM
Agreed with these comments. I thought this event would be reflective of American media propaganda, which keeps many otherwise thoughtful Americans fearful and ignorant about the rest of the world. Sadly, it is entirely non reflective. George Orwell would be ashamed to have his name used to justify this event.
burke Avatar
Posted: 08.04.09, 03:40 PM
Hearing George Soros talk about Orwell and propaganda can make a man's flesh crawl. However Soros does not represent himself very badly in this video. His baby, Mediamatters does appear as though organized under a cloud of mental perversion. But he appears amoral, rather than a sociopath. Mentioning his personal conflict with Bush removes his actions in the media from a plan or solution, it's more of a clash of egoes. He is not a master of propaganda. Which raises the question. Why is he on this discussion panel?
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 08.24.08, 12:30 AM
Further, Russia had more of a claim to the propaganda than did the U.S. Following Russia's 1917 Revolution, the U.S., in consort with several other western countries, invaded Russia in 1918. The Russians never forgot this event. Thousands were killed, raped, and tortured by the members of the coalition. Kruschev made mention of it in his visit to the U.N. in the late 50s. The invasion was the first volley of the idea of the "Great Communist Conspiracy" and the beginning of communist paranoia in the West. It was also the beginning of paranoia about about the West in Russia.
bapyou Avatar
Posted: 08.24.08, 12:17 AM
American government propaganda is identical to that of the Soviet model. There is no difference between Vladimir Putin telling Russians that the West is the great threat to Russian Society, requiring a massive military buildup and Americans saying the same thing about Russia all throughout the Cold War. Both use fear as a control.

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