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Radical Populism in Latin America

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Bosque Avatar
Posted: 11.29.07, 11:45 PM
Interesting lecture.
I particularly liked Mr. Fukuyama's discourse as he was the only panelist to mention real causes of the current LA political situation; poverty and inequality. People are tired of it, they are tired of being poor, they are tired of being marginalized in their own country, and the are tired of being discriminated against. 70% of the people in most LA countries do not resemble the people who govern them. Their governments have looked like your panel and seated guests ... there is the biggest problem. Representation. It is only now that there are two non-white Presidents ... in centuries. Populism, Radical Populism is the reason the USA is what it is today. It is the reason France is what it is. How soon we all forget. It is an idea. One of the seated guests, the lady with the British accent, asked about how this can be countered. Immediately I thought to myself, I'm certain the King of England asked himself the same thing in the 1770's. Also mentioned was the economic situation. Indeed most people in these countries are poor, most living off the equivalent of 2-3 US dollars a day. Yet, there are also billionaires and millionaires in countries. How did this get to be? Destabilization. Absolutely this is a problem. Stop some of that foreign backed toppling of elected persons and maybe there will be a little more stability. Pinochet? Sure he helped with the infrastructure while at the same time he busied himself with murdering opponents. For this very reason the US is hated in LA and I dare say other parts of the world. On Chavez. I think he is popular because he acknowledges the existence of the poor. A majority in Venezuela. Morales, he is popular for the same reason, acknowledging the existence of the forgotten. Correa, same thing. Yes, this would make them anti-US. In LA the US is seen as not exporting Democracy but exporting Capitalism ... something which is thought to exploit the poor. Interesting panel, it was an eye opener to listen to your opinions on LA. I think the way of thinking is too different for there to be an understanding by the West. Trying to push Western thought has not worked. There is a disconnect. In order to change anything in this world, you HAVE to understand how people think. After that, you can get on with economic situations, etc.

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