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Paul Krugman: The Future of the Middle Class?

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econguy Avatar
Posted: 04.14.11, 04:22 PM
I was worried that when I saw this site and its lectures on hulu. I though the site would start to be less desirable to come to due to the pursuit of the $. I figured once funded by patrons that it soon would become more addtastical. I don't have to worry anymore because it's so bad now I'll just go else where.
rocketdog Avatar
Posted: 10.15.08, 11:59 PM
Congrats to Prof. Krugman on his Nobel. Here's a good, brief summary of the work that got him the award:
Michael A. Thompson Avatar
Michael A. Thompson
Posted: 05.23.08, 08:18 PM
He makes a few good points (Like the comparison of Unions in the US and Canada for instance.) but to give our government MORE money to squander is nothing short of asinine. I think it's not going to far out on a limb to say that the average American can just as easily waste their own future health care money without having to use the government as an intermediary.
jabailo Avatar
Posted: 11.17.07, 09:55 PM
Inequality or Individuation?
The good news is that with depressed real estate, a stagnant DOW and, I predict, a burst in the Exchange driven oil and energy price the rich are getting poorer. Meanwhile, there is upward pressure on wages in the last few years as productivity has increased, immigration has slowed, outsourced markets have matured (there is now a labor shortage in India). To me, the inequality was a necessary evil. In 1970 we had a smokestack economy. Now we have a social network economy. The price was paying the lions to romp, tear up U.S. Steel and replace it with But that time is over. There is still a lot of stickiness and remnants, and the Old Guard is going out kicking and screaming. For example, I am writing this on the free Firefox browser. It was part of my free operating system, openSuse linux 10.3. And I'm sending it to you over the air, using Clearwire's WiMax technology (you mentioned the French being ahead in "broadband", well, we American's are still in the lead if you realize that our wifi and now WiMax penetration is much far ahead of others). So, one can ask why does anyone in his right mind pay money to Bill Gates for software that is available for free which is of equal if not higher quality. One can see the handwriting on the wall. With so much information available, 6 year old Raju will soon be able to play "hedge manager" on his OLPC. I see not so much "inequality" in the economy as "individuation". We all have different needs and wants. For example, most of us could do with a lot less food, and walk more and drive less. Doing so gives us an instant boost in income, but also quality of life. How do you measure that in dollars per can't.