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Battle of Ideas: Recycling is a Waste of Time!

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be-du-eth Avatar
Posted: 03.04.11, 06:31 PM
I think this discussion touches some critical issues, such as how can we work more efficiently together having such conflicting ideas on what reality is. I support the stand of Thomas, in terms of having engineers and chemist etc come up with smarter ways for us to literally stop creating waste, as these are specialist trained in such issues. By wanting everyone engaged in recycling is like wanting everyone to grow their tomatoes themselves. To use our waste for heat production is somehow a method of recycling as well. If not upcycling. Why use energy and oil to turn our used products into inferior, and perhaps still hazardous products? It doesn't halt pollution but, as one member in the audience has said, slows it only down, meaning “being less bad but still no good”. However, on the other hand, I agree with the ladies when stressing the importance of informing the greater community with such issues, making them aware of the consequences of their behaviour and dilemmas they bring up. But, governments, elites or intellectuals should not place the burden on consumers only. Because governments are the key players in making this a fair game. Industries need to see an incentive in wanting to deal with their own waste, or come up with more intelligent solutions of eliminating any of their industrial waste. And the eco/green movement is not a sect or religion at all, as it main production is not fear but creativity and encouragement to use smart technology not to turn natural ecosystems upside but to develop the already exploited and materialised.
soragsdale Avatar
Posted: 10.10.09, 01:22 AM
why not reduce first? i mean, in this case, why all the plastic water bottles?
mayari Avatar
Posted: 09.08.09, 10:23 AM
I can see the piont in burning waste and get some energy out of it while doing so. This seems to be the easiest way: no hassle for the individual and no energy wasted on recycling facilities. Then we could focus on something more important (whether we would do this is another question)! Improtant questions like: What happens when we burnt up all the useable materials we have on earth (and even Tom Dichman can't deny this would be happening - someday way in the future.) Technology can always fix many problems and humans are very inventive. But isn't it exactly technology that put us into today's very complex mess? We keep fixing the mistakes of earlier bad (i.e. not wholistic) engineering. Why is there waste anyways? When did we start wasting? Nature doesn't know this concept! Personal empowerment and the feeling of being able to help to solve a big problem is deep psychology. Recycling can be good for a person's soul. The soul is important (at least as important as ratio) and shouldn't be laughed at. In the end it's all a matter of how much energy we use - human or/and electronic energy. I personally think, human energy is the more natural energy and we should focus first on the natural than on technology.
anoniab Avatar
Posted: 09.19.08, 02:43 AM
(Sorry, I meant involuntary servitude)
anoniab Avatar
Posted: 09.19.08, 02:42 AM
Having to wash your trash in order to recycle it is mandatory servitude. These programs should be voluntary.
TheKid Avatar
Posted: 12.18.07, 12:13 PM
I am leaning in agreement with chemicalhaggis. There are two problems with this piece. First, the inability of the pro-recycling panelists to argue the important reasons to recycle. Second, the inability of the audience to grasp what little that's being talked about. But I can't really fault the audience too much since the pro-recycling panelists can't seem to argue beyond the butterflies and rainbows recycling creates in your heart and mind. Cue rolling of the eyes. The pro-recycling panelists do make a couple of strong points, such as the fact the planet has limited resources, but, in the end, if someone were undecided on recycling (when they shouldn't even question it), this piece would probably convince them recyclers are part of a weird religious-like cult and that people have a right to use up the resources of the planet without regard. How can you fault the audience too much when the leaders on the subject can't even make a strong case for a strong cause?
bkhan2007 Avatar
Posted: 11.18.07, 06:46 PM
Not a Waste of time
Hey Jeff, I actually disagree. The debate focuses on both sides of the issue, intelligently framing whether recycling should be an essential part of everyone's daily lives, or if it's just a way to make people feel better about themselves. BK
chemicalhaggis Avatar
Posted: 11.06.07, 03:02 PM
This debate is a waste of time! It is poorly chaired so points are not adequately discussed. The panel do not get to grips with surely the most important issues i.e. is the segregation and recycling of household waste more trouble than it is worth? What are the alternatives? Are some materials better suited to disposal in landfill? To make matters worse the most of the audience's questions are off topic as they seem incapable of making the distinction between the recycling and other environment issues. Very poor, there are far better debates on Fora! JF

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