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Naomi Wolf: The End of America

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theknopfknows Avatar
Posted: 12.23.10, 05:54 PM
Thanks I´m old enough to remember the Nazi process study history 44 years, Naomi is 100% RIGHT! Thanks for the memories, and yes I´m worried that the American will be treated the same way He treated American Indians, what goes around comes around, OR what you do to others you do to yourself, USA terrorized central America, Haiti,etc., Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen now Somalia The gift of history, "history is a nightmare I have yet to wake up from¨. The lone wolf, good luck Naomi.
MaitreyaRocket Avatar
Posted: 12.21.10, 03:18 PM
Milton Friedman & his Chicago Univ. student lackeys gave Pinochet a blueprint ... This all works toward fascist oppression . Nixon gave it shot. So did Reagan with "trickle down theory" . We're starting to see it again here with the Tea Party as ignorant brown shirts. These people are sheep that have been convinced to cut their own throats for the sake of the fascist oligarchy. All the while, they see themselves as patriots fighting for freedom ...Ignorance is the friend & tool of the fascist ...
AlienAwarenessDay Avatar
Posted: 11.26.07, 04:50 PM
Naomi, you speak of one of the steps being that 'they' create secret prison camps. You also spoke of Guantanamo Bay. For their plans, they would need a bigger prison than Guantanamo Bay. Not long ago I came across a lecture on YouTube of Phil Schneider who has since been murdered for talking about his involvement in the building of Deep Underground Military Bases or Prisons, in America now - they're named DUMB's or DUMP's. Out of the 1,400 I think, of them, at least one is under an airport. They have the shackles and the prison transfer carriages/cars literally ready. This works in with what you're saying.

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