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Could Nuclear Power Save the Planet?

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steveh721 Avatar
Posted: 05.28.11, 02:06 AM
There are several problems I have with this presentation: 1) Base Load Electricity Options were not comprehensive and limited to Fossil, Hydroelectric, and Nuclear. We also have Fuel Cells and two possibilities for Solar 24x7 power generation. For solar: we have molten salt power plants and solar power satellites for 24x7 power generation. 2) Global climate change is not a reason to risk global poisoning by mismanagement of the radioactive waste that accumulates even from one nuclear power plant, let alone from hundreds or from thousands of future plants worldwide. Safe waste management has not been 100% successful for even 50 years. Without yet to be invented technology to neutralize radioactive waste, how can we expect to manage geometrically increasing accumulations for 1,000 to 100,000 years? 3) A major mistake these presenters make is to limit their thinking to the current 125 y.o. centralized power plant model. The central power plant, generating enough power to serve a region or large city and with enough excess to compensate for the 6% to 40% loss over 50 to 400 mile transmission lines, necessitates very BIG power plants, such as nuclear or hydroelectric. Just as large-scale central mainframe computers have given way to smaller-scale computers operating in a networked distributed architecture, so too can the large-scale central power plant and distribution grid give way to distributed networked small-scale power plants. Please read my paper, "Clean Energy Profit Without Nuclear Risk" at Steve Heitmann Avatar
Posted: 02.06.11, 08:10 AM
A good overview of the entire nuclear energy industry, its science and place in a non carbon clean energy future. Recomended. Wish the slides were available.
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