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Steve Chu: A New Energy Program

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RMatey Avatar
Posted: 04.22.10, 01:50 PM
I don't understand people. Our "progress" and "technology" is a massive overreaction to a minor inconvenience. It takes 1 hr a week to brew all the coffee you can drink at home, instead we have Starbucks. It takes a total of 30minutes of work to bake a weeks worth of bread, instead we have wonderbread. We live in Canada the Cold and haven't had our thermostat above 10c all winter. It just means you snuggle with your husband/wife a little more. We make it sound like light bulbs on all night, a furnace keeping the house at 25c, mass produced food shipped around the world are things you NEED. I maintain that not only don't you need them but they actually negatively impact human health and happiness.
bezzeb Avatar
Posted: 03.06.10, 04:33 AM
I really don't appreciate how Chu completely ignored the best way of boosting energy: Switching to electric propulsion rather than chemical. The energy efficiency gains of using electricity to drive our wheels would go so much further than everything he spoke of in this presentation..... Just burn that gasoline in a centralized plant and use an electric car - your mileage will go up by a large factor - and your car will accept any power source that makes electricity. A true level playing field for energy producers. Sheesh.
flash dave Avatar
flash dave
Posted: 11.04.09, 04:34 PM
if climate change is true, then 1.6 billion people having no access to electricity doesn't strike myself to be a problem, perplexing climate change would increase, one could consider the view that we should move to increase the exclusivity to these resources. perhaps prisons should be run with stones and iron. *2 cents*
Calorus Avatar
Posted: 11.02.09, 11:23 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by spartacus This video is sponsored by Chevron? Are you effing kidding me? Conflict of interest much!? Chevron Sponsor all of Fora's energy/environment category videos.
Iconoclast Avatar
Posted: 11.02.09, 07:23 PM
thanks for the powerpoint slides.
hopewish Avatar
Posted: 09.02.09, 06:18 AM
why I can't play the video?
mrb Avatar
Posted: 03.19.09, 09:17 AM
I found powerpoint slides for this talk at the following link:
georgevaccaro Avatar
Posted: 01.01.09, 10:20 AM
Interesting presentation and discussion. I have a few comments: 1. Note there was admittedly some disagreement as to whether MMGW is a fact - whether there is a consensus which is constantly trumpeted by the MMGW crowd. 2. They were both pictured with and I assume consuming plastic bottled water while speaking of levying taxes on unproductive or "dangerous to the long term" behaviours. 3. There is no mention of the implications of such taxation on people's lives and more importantly on technological progress and productivity. 4. Their models appear static and don't appear to account for the fact that our system is constantly changing and we are constantly adapting and have been for as long as life has inhabited the Earth. I'm convinced IF MMGW is real, through technology we will face the challenges presented, using tools that are available at the time much more efficiently than trying to drastically cut production and progress - which has other costs that are never mentioned in these types of forums. Very interesting discussion despite my criticisms.
spartacus Avatar
Posted: 01.01.09, 04:39 AM
This video is sponsored by Chevron? Are you effing kidding me? Conflict of interest much!?
solaris Avatar
Posted: 12.19.08, 09:16 PM
Congratulations to the American people and the Obama team for having elected someone as Steven Chu to lead energy matters. This will put the US on the sci-tech edge. "Lead, follow or get out of the way".