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Was Vietnam a Disaster From the Outset?

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bapyou Avatar
Posted: 08.02.08, 03:48 PM
China and the Soviet Union were the only allies of N. Vietnam? Perhaps. 1. Lind convenienty glosses over the fact that Ho Chi Minh sent numerous communiques to Harry Truman requesting help against the French in the French effort to reestablish colonial rule in SE Asia. 2. Lind also does not discuss Ho Chi Minh quoting the American Declaration of Independence in Hanoi while announcing a free Vietnam after WW 2. 3. He also decided not to mention that Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh (the Free Vietnamese) fed intelligence about the Japanese occupation of Indochina during WW 2 to the OSS (forerunner to the CIA). (The OSS had an office in Kunming, China. Read the book by Archimedes Patti - officer in charge of the Kunming office - on this topic.) Lind said at the outset of this talk that it's essential that you look at the Vietnam War in the context of the Cold War and that we should ignore Vietnam's history. If you ignore Vietnam's history, what kind of circumscribed story are you telling? Centuries of on-again/off-again occupation by the Chinese; the better part of a century of colonial rule by the French -- two essential historical parts of the rise of Ho Chi Minh. What did Ho Chi Minh admire most in Marxist doctrine? Answer: The parts where Marx discusses colonialism and the expolitation of peoples by the industrial nations. Ho, first and foremost, was a nationalist. He was a communist because the communist nations were willing to listen to his pleas for help against the French. What would have happened if Truman had answered those pleas? What would have happened if the U.S. decided to back Ho in his efforts to oust the French from Vietnamese soil? Why didn't the U.S. back the Vietnamese in their efforts to be free? The French, essentially, treated the Vietnamese people like dogs. Th rationale for the Vietnam War was a better, freer way of life for the Vietnamese? The same thing was said of Iraq by the British in the 1920s. The same thing was said of Iraq by the Bush administration in the 2003. (The truth (about Iraq): A better, freer - more profitable - way of life for oil companies.) As the college boys in the stands chant when there's a bad call by a referee on the basketball court: Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! Read William Blum. Read 'Web of Deceit' by Barry Londo. Lind is selective in what he discusses. Read William Duiker's 'Ho Chi Minh: A Life'.