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Paul Krugman: The Conscience of a Liberal

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econguy Avatar
Posted: 01.13.11, 11:41 AM
yep he wrote the book (text book)
MarkF Avatar
Posted: 08.10.09, 03:28 PM
rpetty, most jobs that are created due to "tax cuts" are cuts in business profits, not capital gains and dividends. These cuts are helpful to "the rich" we allude to on an individual level, but the rich don't fund their own enterprise for the most part, but rather by issuing stock to the public to finance their expansion. However, most stock holders are either part of pension funds (already duty-free) or small amounts of holdings making little difference to them. If these people aren't benefitting from the cuts, then they can't buy the stock issued by business, hence no growth. Also, Paul Krugman has not only "contributed" to economics, he has done so extensively. For God's sake, the guy won the Nobel Prize in Economics. He is a journalist, but more importantly, he still teaches economics at Princeton and gives lectures all across the world. To say what you did at the end of your comment shows ignorance and a huge lack of respect on your part.
Tugger Avatar
Posted: 09.11.08, 03:48 PM
Did they invest the most recent capital gains tax cut in American economic growth or American job creation? Or did the cut result in the continuation of a credit/financial asset/housing bubble and new jobs for those importing to us? No doubt that more disposable dollars in private hands is an economic driver, it just does not happen automatically or for the benefit of any particular nation in a globalized economy. A sensible cost/benefit analysis of cutting taxes to the wealthy is reasonable, as opposed to a blind faith that just happens to immediately benefit your constituency. Also, Paul Krugman is an economist with an occasional column, not the other way around.
rpetty Avatar
Posted: 06.04.08, 10:51 AM
Oh my, what does this guy think "the rich" do with the money they save from a cap gains tax rate cut? They don't stuff it into a mattress, they invest it which stimulates economic growth and creates new jobs. An excellent example of a journalist that writes about economics but has never created jobs or contributed in any meaningful way to the economy.
versus Avatar
Posted: 04.24.08, 03:41 PM

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